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Quotes John is a warm and friendly person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. We had the opportunity to work together for the College Rotaract Club .A great team leader who works along with his team mates for a positive vibe .He enjoys taking up responsibilities and ensures that the output is the best .His creativity and flair to write is not to be missed . I highly recommend John as with his abilities he would be a great asset to any organization. Quotes
Suhashini Noel
Outbound Marketing, Voxdata, Toronto

Quotes John Thomas has been a very dedicated student in college. He has amazing creativity and due to his commitment he topped his University in his Masters. He is a great human being too. He is very serious about the work he does. He is one of the finest talents around who you can depend on Quotes
Ferin Susan Raj
Social Activist, Oasis, Bombay

Quotes John works quickly and is very efficient. He did a great job on helping us spread the word about Cecilia Herrera, and her album debute in the UAE. Great PR and promotional work. Not to mention the digital buzz he got going. Great Job! Quotes
Alexandra Loria
PR Manager, One Music, Italy

Quotes Thanks to DBN member John Thomas from UAE Top 5 for all the marketeer CVs in my inbox - so helpful - attitude really does determine your altitude. just became one of my favourite sites. Quotes
Katia Andrejev
Senior Marketing Manager, IQPC