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Quotes I have worked very closely with John Thomas on promoting my book titled "A Practical Guide to Business writing" in social media. His hard work and speed proved to be exemplary. His attention to details was also one of his qualities, which is very important in the advertising industry. John is definitely an asset to any company. I am very confident that He has the intelligence, work ethic and communications skills to add value wherever he works. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this outstanding young man. Quotes
Khaled Al Maskari
Emirati Author and Career Development Advisor SCAD, Abu Dhabi

Quotes Nothing's easier than writing a recommendation for John. His enthusiasm is unusually intense as well as infectious. He's got to be one of the most dedicated, passionate and hardest working people I ever had the privilege to meet. I really mean it! Allow his expertize in your business, give him just one chance and you'll see what I mean - John's always there to help, always ready and willing to work, always full of brilliant ideas, always one step ahead! I have yet to find him on a bad day with his guards down - he's simply unwavering, extremely positive and full of energy. John's a marketing expert, social media guru, business consultant with freshest ideas and a copywriter par excellence. John's your corporate engine, your shield and your deadliest weapon. And if that wasnt enough, he's also one of the most polite, warm, genuine and refined people I ever came across. A gent and a total pro. What else do you need? Nothing but highest of recommendations for Mr. John Thomas! Quotes
Beno Saradzic
Filmmaker, Time Sand Studios, Abu Dhabi

Quotes I've had the opportunity to meet several successful individuals, who have made it big because they believed that Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. John Thomas is one of them. John is a very hard working, talented and result oriented individual. I guess that is the key to his success. He is an experienced blogger, a first class communicator, a great photographer, a social media genius and the list just goes on. I was attracted by his keenness to help others which is a rare quality these days. He is very dependable and helpful in nature and shows great professionalism in the way he deals with people. He is a real gentleman and his etiquette, manners and people skills are his biggest assets that draw people closer to him both online and offline. I wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone who likes to take their business to the next level Quotes
Maitreyee Sarcar
Co-Producer & Co-Presenter, Surtarang Broadcast worldwide, USA

Quotes Writing a recommendation for John is an absolute honor.. He is one of the kindest and warm-hearted individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. I can safely say that I have never met someone as selfless and dedicated to the noble cause of helping others as John. It goes without saying that he is extremely intelligent and multi-talented and this is evident from his exceptional work and the exciting projects he has been involved in. I guess that is all due to his enthusiasm and passionate nature combined with a personality that can only be loved by all. One of the many great things about John is that he is someone who can be trusted. His attitude to always see the glass half full rather than half empty will always be an inspiration for me. He is one of the few individuals I can think of who deserves all the very best. I have written this but I am not convinced that words alone are sufficient to describe such a wonderful, kind and humble individual as John Quotes
Farhanah Raza
Marketing Specialist, Murdoch University, Dubai

Quotes It is a great pleasure writing a recommendation for John. Since I ve known him he has proved to me on so many occasions that he is a man of great honor and character. A true gentleman, he always delivers on his commitments and promises without failing and always considers the feelings and opinions of others. Due to his fantastic communication and networking skills and a charismatic personality he is able to socialize and connect with a lot of people. John is a very determined professional, with high aspirations, self awareness and confidence. He has very good etiquette and professional ethics and he is someone you can trust and enjoy working with. I wholeheartedly recommend him and strongly feel that he is an asset to any firm. Quotes
Rania Lashine
Channel Dev. Management, Microsoft, Dubai

Quotes John Thomas is one of the most professional and enthusiastic people I?ve met. I was impressed by his professional conduct and friendly approach and his willingness to help people at all times and in all situations. I always see him as someone I can always trust and depend on. He is upfront, honest and gives a lot of attention to details. John is blessed with a big connection list and his interest in helping people find jobs is really commendable. He really shines in his expertise on Linkedin, Social media and networking. He is diverse in his skill sets and is very result oriented. He brings out his passion, experience and creativity to help people establish their social media strategy in a meaningful manner. Besides all that he is a great individual that anyone would want as a friend, he is warm caring and trust worthy. I have no hesitation in recommending John, and I am very sure he will add value to any organization Quotes
Nada Touma
Senior Graphic Designer, Fortune Promoseven, Dubai

Quotes I have known John since 2005. I met him at an Art exhibition in Goa. He was doing a photo shoot on Indian Christian Art, He was simultaneously also filming a documentary on the historic churches of Goa and preparing documentation on the same. I was amazed to see his multidisciplinary genius. Ever since I've known him he has shown exceptional talent and enthusiasm. I have found him to be extremely hardworking and extremely passionate in everything he does. He is as comfortable with photography, as he is with video filming and as talented at playing with words as he is with interacting with people of all types. With his amazing people skills mannerism and etiquette he quickly wins the heart of everyone he comes across. It was a pleasure knowing him and I highly recommend John, and I am sure that he is a great asset to any organization. Quotes
Irina Cordo
Visualizer, Imagic Creatives

Quotes He is a born talent, has native intelligence, holds great curiosity about people and ideas, he is not hesitant to apply in life Quotes
Piyush Ganatra
Managing Director, MBR Recruitment

Quotes I would like to thank John and recommend him to you for his immediate assistance and handing of our event and posting it on line, It was great and immediate. Absolutely the type of support person that you need helping you. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity Quotes
Laura McMahon
Managing Director, Genre PR, Dubai

Quotes John is highly matured and a dynamic editor. To be a good editor one must know how to make the story better, and this is what he is good at. And, it doesn't stop there. John works with Creative and Art Directors to ensure that the messaging syncs with the Visuals. His ability to write for different media also helps in delivering a consistent message across all media. His services will be huge value add to any employer and his work is highly recommended. Quotes
Vasanth Vasudevan
Usability Consultant, Cognizant Technology Solutions